Pet Health

Pet Health

Here are some great resources to help with your pet. Please contact us directly if you have any specific questions about your pet! We have a variety of in clinic resources to help you with the care of your pet.

Information for pet health, training, diseases, behaviour issues and nutrition information:

Petsplusus: 1-800-268-1169
Petsecure: 1-800-268-1169
Vetinsurance: 1-800-930-1019
PetCare: 1-866-275-7387

Pet adoption organizations:

Edmonton Humane Society: 780-471-1774
Northern Alberta Society for
Animal Protection(NASAP): 780-922-0205
Humane Animal
Rescue Team (HART): 780-455-4278
Second Chance Animal
Rescue (SCARS): 780-466-7227
Whitecourt Homeless Animal Rescue Foundation: 780-884-1172